Myofascial Release is an effective hands-on technique which can directly change and improve health of the fascia. The purpose of Myofascial Release is to break down scar tissue, relax the muscle and restore good posture. Myofascial Releasetechniques focus on relaxing the deep tissue of the body providing lasting and effective relief to the patient. Myofascial Release technique is applied directly on the body and uses slow and sometimes deep pressure to restore the proper health of the fascia.

Myofascial Release Technique has been used effectively for:

- Low back pain

- Headache

- Neck stiffness 

- Shoulder injuries

- Arthritic conditions

- Sports injuries

- Plus many more..

The benefits of using Myofascial Release Technique includes:

- Reduction in muscle spasms 

- Improved joint movement 

- Decreased muscle & fascial tension

- Improved breathing

- Reduction in cronic recurring injuries.

In general Myofascial Release is used to improve the health of the muscles and fascia, improve circulation and restore good posture.


Myofascial Release technique